Shayna Conway, the sole survivor of a triple-murder suicide in Claresholm, will be speaking about her ordeal during an exclusive interview on CTV’s W5.

In the interview, she recalls how her friends were gunned down on their way to the airport in Calgary by Derek Jensen, the ex-boyfriend of her friend Tabitha Stepple.

The documentary will also include chilling text messages sent between Jensen and Stepple in the days leading up to the murders and how Conway fought to survive the attack and live with the consequences afterwards.

Lloyd Robertson, the host of W5, says that Conway continues to suffer from the shooting. “Clearly, she is suffering all of the emotional wounds from this. Physically, she is recovering. Remember, she stood there, she had four bullet wounds in her body, she was lying flat on the ground for a long time trying to get help to come and when a couple finally stopped they called the police to the scene, but by this time it was a couple hours after the incident because it did happen in the middle of the night."

The documentary “Road to Murder” airs on Saturday night at 7 p.m. on CTV.