Members of Forest Lawn High School’s gay-straight alliance are challenging their fellow students and the general public to take a closer look at their everyday interactions

On Friday, a video created by Antyx Community Arts and Forest Lawn High School’s GSA debuted.

The ‘Changing the way we treat each other’ video examines the day-to-day experiences of lesbian, gay, transgender, queer and questioning students, and the support gay-straight alliances provide.

“We're just trying to change how the LGBTQ are treated and how Albertans are treated because some of us are still treated like second-class citizens and that's not okay,” said student Sam Dyck.

“I want people to share this, I want it to get far, I want people from different countries to see it, I want it to challenge the government and I want it to challenge everything about how people treat each other and I want to see it blow into a giant social media campaign.”

The video has been posted to the Antyx Community Arts YouTube page and organizers are encouraging discussion through the Twitter hashtag #SafeAB