CALGARY -- The Hawthorn Dining Room and Bar has partnered with Last Best Brewing and Distilling to combat food waste and give back to hungry Calgarians by creating a beer made with leftover bread.

Our Daily Bread (ODB) is a blonde ale made with unused bread and exclusively served at The Hawthorn Dining Room and Bar in Calgary's iconic Fairmont Palliser Hotel, with a dollar from every pint going to the Calgary Food Bank.

They didn't offer any pairing suggestions to go with a pint of ODB, but the Hawthorn's holiday afternoon tea offers a roast turkey sandwich (with cranberry chutney on malted bread), a smoked salmon sandiwich (with dill cream cheese, on caper white bread), a maple glaze ham sandwich (with English mustard on country bread), as well as an avocado and free range egg salad (on a mini-brioche bun), and an english cucumber sandwich (with boursin chese, watercress on tomato bread).

Thus far, the efforts have resulted in the Hawthorn donating over $3,000 from fall sales to Calgary Food Bank.

Iaen Burns, general manager of the Hawthorn Dining Room and Bar, says as a member of the downtown Calgary community, they are committed to giving back.

“Serving sustainable beer and helping those in need, through the Calgary Food Bank, is an important part of who we are.”

Shawna Ogston, with the Calgary Food Bank, took a behind-the-scenes tour to see a demonstration of how bread becomes beer.

"I love the fact that a business came together with a brewery, made a difference and a really unique product that will benefit the Calgary community."