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UCalgary student union calls for investigation into pro-Palestinian protest response


The University of Calgary's students' union is adding its voice to a rising call for a formal investigation into the practices of police during a pro-Palestinian protest on May 9.

In a statement on Thursday, the organization says it wants to see an independent review.

"It has been three weeks since a peaceful protest led by student organizers saw university officials call Calgary Police Services before even engaging with the protest, citing safety concerns that have not been verified in public," the union said.

Its president, Ermia Rezaei-Afsah, said UCalgary president Ed McCauley "would love for this to blow over with time."

"The university failed to engage with students then and has continually failed since then. That is why we are asking for an independent review," Rezaei-Asfah said in the statement.

"Even if they clear the university of wrongdoing, our community cannot heal without that accountability process."

On May 9, Calgary police, working with campus security, used non-lethal force to remove the demonstrators after repeated demands from police for the gathering to leave the property.

The union also said Thursday that the police action led to "multiple student injuries" but police have said that no formal reports of injuries have been filed.

"The rippling effect of the incredibly swift escalation is still being felt on campus and beyond, as the university’s reputation continues to falter. This comes in stark contrast to the numerous protests across Canada of a similar nature which were ended voluntarily after other university administrations took the time to meet and engage properly with their students," the union said.

It is looking to engage with all students who have additional information about the May 9 protest and offer support to anyone involved. Top Stories

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