CALGARY -- Dozens of volunteers spent Saturday packing up for winter. 

"We have blankets, scarves, we have insulated mitts and insulated socks," said Kohawar Khan with Islamic Relief Canada.

The winter wear will be given to homeless people in Calgary so they’ll be better prepared when the deep freeze hits this weekend. 

"It will be nice to know that some people are at least a little bit warmer because of all the amazing volunteers here," Dura Shawar, a volunteer who helped fill bags, told CTV News Calgary. 

Islamic Relief is putting together 400 outdoor kits.

Some will be dropped off at Calgary's homeless shelters, while others will be given directly to those who need them. Volunteers will distribute them downtown in spots frequented by homeless.

"We give it to them personally," Kahn said. "We have conversations about long they’ve been on the street, what got therm there. We want to make sure we humanize every single person."

The Calgary Drop-In and Rehab Centre is also getting ready for the cold snap.

It has room for 1,000 people, but so far this winter, is averaging less than 800. 

If that changes, organizers say they will be ready.

"It is not the first cold winter here in Calgary, which means we do already have a winter strategy in place," said Nathan Ross with the centre.

"Right now, even if we do hit capacity, we have other measures in place to make sure anyone that needs to come in has that service availble to them."

By Sunday afternoon, temperatures are expected to reach the mid -20s C, and possibly -30 C with windchill.