The people who run the Fortress ski resort may be getting into the bottled water business.

Fortress Mountain Holdings has applied to the province to modify its current water licence, which allows them to use water for both drinking and snowmaking.

However, it wants the option to send nine truckloads of water a day to Calgary for commercial purposes, which may include bottled water.

The Alberta Wilderness Association is against the plan, however, saying Fortress should only be licensed to use as much water as it needs for its operation and no more.

It also says the Galatea Creek, where Fortress draws its water from, is an important source for the surrounding natural environment and that water levels could drop if the ski resorts pulls tens of thousands of litres out every day.

Fortress Mountain Resort emailed a response to CTV News on Thursday afternoon saying that it has applied to change a portion of its potable domestic water licence, which was issued in 1968, to 'commercial use' and for 'that water to be moved off the mountain.'

The statement goes on to say that 'the amount of water in question is insignificant when measured against the total flow of the creek Fortress has been drawing water from for 51 years.'

A spokesperson for Alberta Environment and Parks said they received approximately 200 Statements of Concern regarding Fortress Mountain Holdings' Water Act application.