A Calgary woman has become a finalist in an international breast cancer film festival after she posted a web series detailing her battle with the disease on You Tube.

Allison Lane, 36, is battling breast cancer and has documented her journey in a web series called "Chem-Ho".

Lane is an artist, playwright and performer and was diagnosed with the disease last year during Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

There is no history of the disease in her family and Lane says it came as quiet a surprise.

She posted "Chem-Ho" on You Tube and got the attention of Rethink Breast Cancer, a group that focuses on women and men with breast cancer who are under the age of 40.

Lane submitted a 10 minute short film of her journey to the Breast Fest 2009 film festival and her video is now one of the eight finalists.

Allison Lane says her series has more of a reach than she ever imagined. "Some days I'm brought to tears with the emails I've gotten from people in Greece and the Philippines and Japan and Poland and, just all these places all over the world."

Breast Fest 2009 runs from November 20 - 22 at the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto.

To view Lane's film and vote for your favorite finalist click on the Breast Fest 2009 link.

For more information on the Rethink Breast Cancer organization click on the link.