CALGARY -- A northwest Calgary pub has been ordered to halt its dine-in service after Alberta Health Services found the restaurant serving customers, which goes against the province's current public health order.

An AHS inspection of the Stonewall Pub in Ranchlands on April 20 revealed several customers had been served alcohol at the dining room bar.

"The continued operation of the dining room permits activity that could transmit COVID-19," the order reads.

Stonewall Pub owner Peter Virk said the people in the restaurant that day were staff and friends, not customers.

"I knew it was wrong. I know our health-care authorities have enough of their plate. This is not something that we anticipated," he said.

Restaurant dine-in service was prohibited by an order made by Alberta's chief medical officer of health in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The pub is to remain closed for dine-in service until the public health order is rescinded.

A similar order was issued to a central Alberta restaurant on April 9.

According to AHS, the SA Restaurant in Daysland, Alta., was found open and offering dine-in service.

AHS ordered the restaurant to close and to indicate on their website the restaurant was offering take-out service only.