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Alberta's largest chambers of commerce call on federal parties to adopt business-forward policies


The Calgary and Edmonton Chambers of Commerce have taken a united stance and jointly released their platform ahead of the federal election.

The '2021 Federal Election Platform — From Challenge to Change' calls on all federal parties to "adopt business-forward policies that will result in Canada making transformative changes that will enable our economic recovery and cement our position as a world leader."

"To be able to speak with the Edmonton and Calgary chambers together, we have a stronger voice for Alberta and for the Alberta economic recovery which is what we are all focused on," explained Deborah Yedlin, Calgary Chamber of Commerce president and CEO, in an interview with CTV Morning Live Calgary on Wednesday.  

The chambers say the federal government should take steps to ensure all Canadians are included in the path toward economic recovery while the country focuses on setting global benchmarks for sustainable growth, innovation and investment attraction.

"To make sure that we have an economic recovery that is inclusive, that touches on diversification, that eliminates barriers and ensures that every Canadian has an opportunity to be part of the economy. This is such a critical time for the country and we need to make sure that we get this right so that we don't leave people behind and we seize on the opportunity to diversify and expand our economic potential."

The chambers' five key focus areas outlined in their platform include calling on government to:

  • Concentrate on economic recovery and diversification;
  • Develop talent, skills and jobs;
  • Address impacts and opportunities on climate change;
  • Create a competitive finance and taxation system; and
  • Expand trade and market access and improve supply chains.

"With these focus areas in mind, we know our nation’s leaders will be required to navigate significant challenges, using what we have learned during these extraordinary times to propel our nation – and business community – to positive change," says Jeffrey Sundquist, Edmonton Chamber of Commerce president and CEO, in a statement released Wednesday. "We need federal parties to adopt policies that fortify our position as dynamic and innovative leaders on the world stage. Otherwise, we risk watching from the sidelines as other nations outpace our economic growth."

The platform is available online at From Challenge to Change. Top Stories

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