It's been more than a month since Sandra Mykytiuk-Evans was last seen at her home in Strathcona.

Saturday afternoon, hundreds of volunteers combed the southwest quadrant of the city looking for clues into the mother of three's disappearance.

“I just wanted to be able to do my part and help out,” says Eric Rasmussen, one of the volunteers assisting in the search for Sandra, hoping to find any clue of the whereabouts of the mother and teacher.

The outpouring of community support has helped the family as they continue to struggle for answers in their matriarch’s disappearance.

Mykytiuk-Evans has been missing since December 29.  When she left her home that Saturday evening, she left behind her phone, wallet, and car keys.

The family says Sandra had been depressed, and may not have been taking her medication, but they insist a disappearance like this is completely out of character.

After smaller searches turned up nothing, Sandra’s daughters organized a massive search of the city's southwest.

"It’s obviously kind of humbling,” says daughter Laura Evans. “We are very appreciative and we definitely feel the love and support of the community and our family and friends."

Twenty different locations were combed by volunteers including areas in the communities of Springbank, Aspen and Wentworth.

Volunteers visit some of the spots Sandra frequently visited and scoured the areas for clues.

The family is hoping to cover every possible part of the city where she may have ended up.

“Hopefully with a lot of eyes we'll find something,” says Leanna Shelley, a family friend.

For nearly six weeks, Sandra’s family has handed out posters and maintained contact with city police for updates on tips from the public.

“There's been a ton of tips,” says Laura Evans.  “Unfortunately, none of them have come up with anything.”