Hockey fans frustrated with the lack of progress in NHL labour contract discussions received an unexpected request for payment for their season tickets.

Season ticket holders are required to pay for their seats for games that may never be played.  If the games are cancelled, the funds will go towards future games.

The money collected will be credited to the ticket holders account and the Flames are paying 3 per cent interest on the funds they receive.

Many fans say they would prefer not to make the payment at this time, but the risk of losing the rights to their seats is a frightening proposition.

“I’ve loved the Flames since I was my son's age and it's a great experience and it's great to have NHL hockey in the city but the strike definitely takes away some of that great feeling you have,” says Cliff Prentice, a season ticket holder for the past four seasons.

The Flames continue to provide perks for season ticket holders throughout the year.  On Friday, the organization hosted an exclusive merchandise sale.

Labour negotiation talks broke down on Thursday after reports indicated the two sides were making progress.

Some fans told CTV they don't mind paying up front because they're on the owners’ side of this labour dispute and that if they were cheering for the players, they'd be less inclined to give money to the owners as they are now.