CALGARY -- A privately funded Black Lives Matter mural will be go up in Calgary's Chinatown later this month, the group behind the project announced on social media Tuesday.

Calgary artist Jae Sterling will produce the work, titled The Guide & Protector, which will "represent his vision for Black voices and Black artists in Canada," according to an Instagram post by Pink Flamingo YYC.

"When we saw his work at the debut of his solo art show Riding Horses with White Men, we knew Jae had an incredible talent that needed to be shared with the world," reads the post.

"After seeing his proposal for The Guide & Protector, we knew now was the time to press on with a new and separate project that will serve as the perfect precursor to our 2021 murals."

The actual location for the mural was not announced and a completion date is expected to be announced later this month.

The initial plan was to paint the first of four Black Lives Matter murals on a building at First Street and Seventh Avenue S.E — the current home to a mural named Giving Wings to the Dream, which was painted by artist Doug Driediger in 1995 for the Calgary Urban Project Society (CUPS).

Calgary city council also voted to provide $120,000 in funding for the four projects.

But outrage at the proposed location and a perceived lack of public consultation for the intial mural saw the projects put on hold until 2021 after organizer said they received threatening messages.