Alan Hobson thought he had overcome adversity by summiting Mount Everest, but a cancer diagnosis brought him the true fight of his life.

That epic climb was in May 1997 when Hobson and his friend Jamie Clarke reached the top of the highest peak in the world after two previous failed attempts.

“We left the high camp at midnight on our way to the top and I said to Jamie, I'm either going to do this today or I'm going die today, that's it. And he said, yeah, I feel the same way,” said Hobson.

But the biggest challenge he ever faced came three years later when he was told he had acute myeloid leukemia, an aggressive form of blood cancer

He went through a successful adult blood stem cell transplant and fought his way back to health, surpassing everyone’s expectations by becoming an elite athlete again. His brother was the donor and said Hobson’s never-quit attitude is central to who he is.

“To be a world class at anything you have to be focused and you have to be efficient and you have to be effective and you have to be relentless,” said Eric Hobson.

Since his recovery, Hobson started a program called Cancer Survivorship from the Inside Out, and helps other people newly diagnosed with cancer.

For using his experiences to help others climb back from cancer, Alan Hobson is our Inspired Albertan this week.