CALGARY – Construction is underway at the second location of the Calgary Farmers' Market in Greenwich Village.

The second location will be a first for Canada as no other market in the country has two permanent year-round venues.

"We have listened to Calgarians they have supported us immensely at our south location. We have heard that the north needs something," said Stacey Petropoulos, Calgary Farmers' Market general manager. "The northwest does not have anything like the Calgary Farmers' Market and we get asked on a regular basis."

Petropoulos says visitors to the new market will be met with a sense of the familiar and encounter new offerings as well.

"We will have approximately 75 per cent of the same vendors and about 25 per cent new vendors that are all excited to be a part of this unique retail experience."

The northwest Calgary Farmers' Market is expected to create 200 jobs for Calgarians and is slated to open in 2021. The south location of the market opened in 2004.