CALGARY — Junior fire chief Rosie Luthi pulled the fire alarm at St. Augustine School to initiate a fire drill Tuesday morning.

The purpose is to educate the student population about fire safety and to test the equipment in the school.

“We have been working our classrooms to talk about fire safety at school but also if a fire were to happen at home,” says Chloe Holland, Grade 1 teacher.

“We’ve been working with them and coming up with a plan of where they would go if there were a fire at home and how they would get out of the building as quickly as possible and where they would meet with their family outside.”

Around 400 Calgary schools are visited by the Calgary Fire Department on a yearly basis. The drills also reinforce the importance of planning and rehearsing an escape plan not only at school, but at the children’s homes.

“We found that children can have a real effect on their parents going home and having that impact can really get their parents to thinking about fire safety education as well,” said Ken Uzeloc, deputy chief.