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Calgary-Varsity riding profile

As the riding name hints, central to Calgary-Varsity are the university and its environs.

It has south of John Laurie Blvd., Nose Hill Park's south border, east of Shaganappi and northeast of Crowchild Trail: Brentwood, Triwood and Banff Trail down to Highway 1.

The west extends to Nose Hill Drive south of Crowchild Trail. East from it are Silver Springs north of Bowmont Park, the wide Varsity area past Market Mall to the grounds of the University of Calgary containing University Heights in its south.

Under the university are Point McKay and St. Andrews Heights. House values are 30 per cent over median and family income 20 per cent above with 17.8 per cent making over $120,000.

Even so, 20 per cent are in the low-income family bracket but that’s about average and it includes student couples.

With almost 72 per cent of adult residents holding post-secondary degrees, this is Alberta's best-educated riding. Some 15 per cent are over 65.

Educational and professional services are the biggest employers.

  • 30,861 electors according to February 2023 data
  • Current MLA: Jason Copping, UCP
  • 2019 voter turnout: 73.2%


Calgary-McKnight near the southern tip of Nose Hill Park was split in 1993 with the west becoming Calgary-Varsity and a bit in the east joining Calgary-North Hill. Calgary-Nose Creek was created at the same time and included part of North Hill and McKnight.

McKnight had PC Eric Musgreave 1975-1989 and Liberal Yolande Gagnon, 1989-1993. From Varsity's creation in 1993, PC Murray Smith held it until 2004, with Liberal Carrol Jacques second every election.

Smith bowed out in 2004 and Liberal Harry Chase was the winner. He won in 2008 but bowed out in 2012, when PC Donna Kennedy-Glans defeated Rob Solinger of Wildrose.

The NDP won rather easily in 2015 with Stephanie McLean, but she quit her seat early in 2019 to pursue her law career.

The NDP nominated Anne McGrath, party stalwart and Premier Notley’s chief of staff, but McGrath lost to UCP’s Jason Copping. Top Stories

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