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Calgary Zoo announces name of newest penguin chick

Meet Alfred, the Calgary zoo's king penguin chick. (Calgary Zoo) Meet Alfred, the Calgary zoo's king penguin chick. (Calgary Zoo)

The Wilder Institute/Calgary Zoo has announced the name of the newest member of its Penguin Plunge exhibit.

The king penguin chick, who hatched on Sept. 24, is the first for dad Henri and fourth for mom Grace.

On Friday, the zoo announced the penguin would be known as Alfred.

Visitors to the Calgary Zoo have been able to see the chick for a couple of months already.

"The young prince is easily identified within the waddle by his 'cloak' of thick brown down, which stands out against the black and white 'tuxedos' of his loyal entourage," said a social media post.

Visitors to the zoo can catch the penguin walk daily at 10:30 a.m. (weather permitting) until mid-March.

The walk starts at Penguin Plunge, loops down to the Discovery Trail Bridge, and then back up to the penguin habitat over a 15-minute period.

For more details you can visit the Calgary Zoo's website. Top Stories

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