Some commuters into downtown Calgary will need to find an alternate route after crews have been forced to close the lower deck of the Centre St. Bridge.

Calgary Police got a call at around 6 p.m. on Monday night that a truck was stuck on the lower deck of the bridge.

The driver had apparently attempted to take the bridge despite being warned that the truck wouldn’t fit.

The truck scraped the underside of the bridge as a result, tearing out conduits and support beams before coming to a stop halfway through.

The Calgary Fire Department surveyed the damage and say that it is extensive.

“There is damage to the understructure. Conduits and support beams are hanging down, so this underpass is going to be closed for some time now,” said District Chief Steve Wilson.

City utility workers are on scene to determine the impact, if any, to city services.

Calgary police are also talking to the driver and obtaining a statement.

Wilson says that crashes at the lower deck of the bridge are a pretty common occurrence but the city has systems in place to warn drivers. “There is a lot of warning about this. We actually have vehicles that get stuck on Riverfront going under the bridge itself and then, of course, under the bridge overpass too.

The bridge will be closed for an indefinite period of time.

Wilson implored drivers to seek an alternate route into downtown Calgary.

The bridge will remain closed until at least Wednesday morning.