The city launched its latest waste collection program on Thursday and Green carts will soon appear in communities across the city for food and yard waste.

The Green Cart Food and Yard Waste Program is intended to help turn the 85 million kilograms of compostable items that usually end up in landfills into nutrient-rich fertilizer for gardens and parks.

“Calgarians want to do more to keep waste out of our landfills. In fact, 89 per cent of Calgarians say they are excited for the Green Cart program to begin,” said Green Cart Implementation Leader Philippa Wagner. “After a successful pilot in four communities that saw garbage drop nearly in half, we’re excited to expand this program to the rest of the city.”

The carts and starter kits will be distributed to over 300,000 single-family homes, including fourplexes, starting the week of June 5th.

“This program is for single-family homes up to fourplexes, those that are receiving our blue and black cart collection. By November 1st, the Waste and Recycling bylaw has been amended, so as of November 1st, multi-family dwellings will need to have access to food and yard waste composting as well but that’s provided by their building owner or manager,” said Wagner.

The carts will be delivered quadrant-by quadrant as follows:

  • Southwest: June
  • Northwest: July
  • Northeast: August
  • Southeast: September

The green carts will be picked up on the same day as blue carts and weekly collection will begin in the summer.

Start dates for Green cart collection:

  • Southwest: Week of July 17
  • Northwest: Week of August 14
  • Northeast: Week of September 4
  • Southeast: Week of October 2

The city has waived collection fees for 2017 but residents will have to pay a monthly fee starting in January 2018.

The green bins are for all food, yard and pet waste including; meat, bones, cheese and plate scrapings. For a complete list of compostable items click HERE or scroll the document below.

For more information on the Green Cart Food and Waste program click HERE.

Green Cart Acceptable Items