One day after the latest Pitbull attack and city officials are once again rejecting calls for restrictions on certain breeds of dogs.

Rudy, a Boxer/Bloodhound cross, is back at home recovering after he was mauled by a Pitbull that escaped from a Hawkwood yard on Wednesday.

Roger Cole, Rudy's owner, beat the Pitbull with a piece of wood, but the dog wouldn't back down.

Police had to taser the dog to subdue it and then handed it over to Calgary Animal & Bylaw Services.

Rudy's owners are among those calling for a ban or some kind of restriction on Pitbulls in the city.

“They should be banned in residential areas for the protection of many,” said Roger Cole after the attack.

“Today, I am supportive of banning pitbulls and if not a ban, something must be done because he is not a domestic animal,” said Yolanda Bernard.

Calgarians are mixed on banning the breed but many Pitbull owners say people over-react every time there is an incident like this.

One breeder in Canmore says his dogs are mild mannered and are bred to have good temperaments.

Dan Charbonneaux says he is selective about the people who want to buy his dogs and he won't sell to anyone who he believes wants to use the dog for violence, or who isn't capable of caring for a Pitbull.

Charbonneaux says a ban just doesn't make sense.

“There are poodles that bite people all the time, but you don't hear about it front page of the newspaper. You know in the 90's it was Dobermans, in the 2000's it was rotties, and now it's Pitbulls,” said Charbonneaux.

The city is standing firm and is not considering a ban on the breed.

“This is a responsible pet ownership problem, and we need to have owners taking responsibility for their pets,” said Greg Steinraths, Acting Director of Calgary Animal & Bylaw Services. "Our research has indicated breed bans don't work and in situations where there are breed bans, you're spending a disproportionate amount to time regulating a ban that may not have done anything wrong."

City officials say Pitbulls are not among the group of dogs responsible for the largest number of dog bites last year.

A relative of the Pitbull's owner has now retrieved the dog and charges are being considered.