Health officials have ordered the closure of a Vietnamese restaurant in southwest Calgary after a recent inspection discovered conditions "dangerous to the public health."

Last week, Alberta Health Services posted an order to close the Pho Huong Viet Restaurant, on 17 Avenue S.W., because of horrendous conditions inside the establishment, including inappropriately stored food, a build-up of food debris and dirt as well as a significant cockroach infestation.

"Cockroaches were found on all glue boards in the front service area and storage room," the order reads.

According to the report, all commercial food establishments must be kept free of pests and conditions that lead to breeding of pests.

Officials add foods were stored in non-food grade containers that were often broken. Food debris was found in a number of places including the order printer, can opener, light switches, kitchen entrance and back doors and hot water tank room.

"A cucumber was stored with tape, Polysporin and tools," the report continued. "Containers of raw meat were stored above imitation crab meat and other ready-to-eat foods."

The owners of Pho Huong Viet Restaurant were ordered to close the restaurant immediately and take steps to address all the violations listed in the order, including hiring a pest company to eradicate all cockroaches and mice.

Once the work is completed, the restaurant must pass a follow-up inspection in order to reopen.