Police have released new numbers on the crime rate and calls for service around the supervised consumption site at the Sheldon Chumir Centre in downtown Calgary.

According to the report, there have been an increased number of calls, 50 per cent over the three-year average, that generated more police presence in the area.

While the increased presence is relatively new, officials say future reports should help to describe how much of an impact the additional resources have had on crime rates.

As for the calls for service themselves, the report indicates that disorder events increased by 35 per cent in the study area around the supervised consumption site with the highest volume of disorder occurring in January.

There were also 15 public-generated drug calls for service during the first three months in 2019, 10 calls above the average, with two-thirds of the calls taking place in January.

They mainly consisted of drug use/possession complaints.

The report also says that methamphetamine continues to be the most common drug reported for use at the site, followed closely by fentanyl.

Methamphetamine is also the most common drug seized by police in Calgary.

See below to review the full report: