The digital copies that come with many new DVDs are becoming more valuable now that people are watching movies on iPads and Smartphones.

Ian Procter is a consultant for apple and is also a movie buff.

Procter watches DVDs on his iPad or iPhone.

Many people convert the DVD into a digital file and then download it to their device but now the Hollywood movie studios want to make that illegal.

In an effort to appease some customers many studios include a digital copy with the DVD they sell.

The copy comes with a code but as Procter found out, the codes expire.

"I believe they use it as a way for you to buy the DVD as quickly as it comes out, as an incentive to get it as soon as possible," said Procter.

Consumer Specialist Lea Williams-Doherty talked to the movie studios.

The movie studios say the digital copies are bonus features that are provided for free.

Therefore, the studios can make the codes expire, if it chooses, which is usually about a year after the DVD is released.

Consumers say that they should be able to watch the movie on whatever device they like because they purchased the DVD.

The issue and others like it are before the House of Commons right now in Bill C-11, the Copyright Modernization Act.

Lea read the government summary of the bill and it says C-11 would legitimize some consumer activities like recording a TV show or copying your CDs to your iPod but copying a DVD you own for personal use is not on the list of legitimate activities.

To convert your DVD to a digital file you have to break the digital lock which is illegal under the bill.

Those who do could be liable for up to $5000 in damages should a movie studio decide to sue for copyright infringement.