CALGARY – The manager of a Boston Pizza location in southern Alberta has turned to social media in hopes of catching the individual who made off with their poppy donation box.

Nick Wright, who manages a BP location in Okotoks, posted some videos and information about a man believed to have taken the box from their front counter on Monday Nov. 4.

In the videos, an unknown male is seen entering the restaurant and conversing with a staff member at the front desk.

The man waits patiently, then sits down while the worker remains at the desk.

After about two minutes, the staff member leaves the desk at which point the male approaches the desk and inspects the donation box.

Moments later, the footage shows him tucking the donation box under his coat and fleeing from the restaurant.

It's not known how much money was inside the box when it was taken.

The suspect's vehicle, believed to be an older model Ford Focus, was also caught on security video in the restaurant.

Wright says police have been informed of the theft and are conducting their own investigation.

He adds Boston Pizza has already offered to make a donation to the Royal Canadian Legion's Poppy Fund to replace the stolen money.