The old Eamon’s building is now on its way to its new home somewhere south of Calgary.

The building was loaded onto the back of a truck from its former location on Crowchild Trail and it was moved along 114 Ave. N.W. on Wednesday morning.

The caravan has since stopped at Symons Valley Road where it will stay until 9 a.m. when it will be moved again to its final destination which has yet to be disclosed.

The building needed to be moved to help keep the city’s schedule on LRT construction.

Before the mid 1960s the Trans-Canada highway used to run right out front of Roy Eamon's Restaurant and Gas Station.

At one time there were even bungalows and a camp site and part of a music video for Corey Hart was shot there in 1986.

The site is now leased by a car dealership to store vehicles.

The building is in need of a lot of work and so is the massive Eamon's Camp neon sign.

"So we made accommodation to incorporate the sign as part of our contract and recently the transportation transit committee got approval to relocate the building temporarily off site, so that we can find a future use for it," said Anne Cataford, LRT Projects Manager.

A new LRT station for Tuscany and Rocky Ridge and parking areas will be located north and south of the line and run right through the Eamon's Camp site.

The Calgary Heritage Authority did some research into the unique structure and says it appears to be rarer than first thought.

"It obviously has some land mark value, maybe a bit diminished in the past, it has architectural value, and it has high associated value with Roy Eamon who is a really important early entrepreneur in Calgary," said Darryl Cariou, Senior Heritage Planner.

The city says the building will be held in storage until a decision is made on how to use it.