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Elbow Valley family catches trio of cougars on home security camera

A family in Elbow Valley has long had cameras set up outside their home, specifically to see what wildlife might wander their way.

But of all the critters they could've caught on camera the morning of Sept. 17, a trio of cougars was the last sight they expected when they played the footage back.

The family says in 22 years of living in Elbow Valley, they've never spotted a cougar before, let alone three.

Numerous bobcats, bears, deers, skunks, moose and more have trekked through their yard.

Bobcats were the assumed culprit on this occasion, too, until the family zoomed in a little bit closer.

The family says it will now be a little more cautious when going outside.

The province says if a cougar is spotted in your yard, people and pets should be brought inside, the cougar should be given space to leave and neighbours as well as Fish and Wildlife should be notified.

Running or turning your back during a cougar encounter is not advised, nor is playing dead if the cougar is becoming aggressive.

Instead, you should try to make yourself big and loud and, if contact cannot be avoided, fight back with whatever means are available.

Further recommendations regarding cougar encounters can be found online, here. Top Stories

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