While Alberta's PC party is getting grief over how they manage taxpayers money, Albertans are getting a sneak peek at how provincial candidates manage their own funds.

Elections Alberta has released the campaign donations and contributions of everyone who ran in the provincial election.

One of the biggest spenders was Alison Redford who spent more than $150,000 to win her seat in Calgary-Elbow.

Her Wildrose opponent spent more than $120,000 in an unsuccessful bid to unseat Redford.

However, the Wildrose turned the tables in Calgary-Shaw, where Jeff Wilson spent less than $16,000 to take the seat over the PC's who spent nearly $80,000.

The lesson learned from Calgary-Shaw is spending doesn’t necessarily equate to success at the polls.

“You're seeing that Albertans aren't going to be swayed by fancy-dancy ads or radio advertising,” says Wildrose MLA Shayne Saskiw.  “You can’t spend your way out of being out of touch with Albertans.”

Calgary-Shaw appears to have been an exception to the rule. In a majority of the ridings in Calgary, the candidate who spent the most was elected.