Fans filled bars on Sunday evening and while there were a few tense moments, fans and players were jubilant to see the Stampeders win the Western Final.

At the Shark Club, some of the patrons were themselves Calgary Stampeders, a handful of pros who didn’t head out to Vancouver for the game.

Jamar Wall says it was good to see the excitement. “You can see the excitement on our team and that helps the guy beside you.”

Sam Fishman said that he started to take his nephew to the Grey Cup for his 25th birthday. “This will be his 17th Grey Cup.”

Late in the game, there were a few moments of doubt, but then as the seconds ticked away, the fans cheered as they knew it was all over.

For quarterback Kevin Glenn, he says that the situation makes him feel great. "I'm still feeling it; it feels great."

Glenn says that the championship game against Toronto will be redemption for him. "Everyone was saying, this is a chance for you, back in Toronto, where you hurt your arm, this is redemption for you."

He says that when Drew Tate went down after he was injured, the rest of the team told him that they would get to Toronto for him and bring the Grey Cup home.

He adds that the best asset the Stampeders have is their teamwork. "This is the biggest total team effort team that I have ever been on."

That same team effort was reflected with Glenn's relationship with the injured Drew Tate. "After every pass and every touchdown he was the first person to greet me."

Head coach John Hufnagel says that he is looking forward to the game on Sunday because it gives a twist to the game because of the fact that a lot of people iin Toronto are former Stamps.

"It brings a lot of familiarity between the coaching staff and the players."

The Stamps are now preparing for the trip to face the Toronto Argonauts who defeated the reigning champion Montreal Alouettes.

The 100th Grey Cup is on Sunday in Toronto.

In the meantime, Mayor Naheed Nenshi has posted a challenge to Toronto mayor Rob Ford on Twitter.

He suggests that the loser of the Grey Cup should donate his body weight in food to the winner’s local food bank and swap jerseys in a council meeting.

Rob Ford has accepted the bet and said on Twitter that Nenshi would look good in blue.