CALGARY – Young basketball players from all over the continent are in Calgary this weekend for an inaugural tournament at a private school outside city limits.

The Prep School Basketball Tournament, at Edge School for Athletes in Rocky View County, brings players from as far as California and Arizona to compete.

Organizers of the tournament say it's a great opportunity for local talent to see how good they are compared to their peers in the United States, where basketball often has a much bigger influence on students.

"Our goal here at Edge is to support kids no matter what the goal is. If it's college in Canada [or] university in the States," says Eddie Richardson with Edge School. "If your goal is in the States, this is the level you've got to match and if you can't play against these kids, it's an eye-opener."

The tournament, which features male and female teams with players between 16 and 18 years old, is expected to run for four days.