A number of roads and highways in southern Alberta are closed because of flooding.

Road Closures Calgary Area

  • Hwy 22 from Turner Valley to Black Diamond
  • Hwy 532 – gravel road (west of Hwy 22 at Chain Lakes)
  • Hwy 1A Morley to Canmore
  • Hwy 1 from hwy 40 to Banff Gates (Westbound ~1 lane is open at reduced speeds)
  • Hwy 758 through Bragg Creek (note: road is gone)
  • Powderface Trail – gravel road
  • Hwy 762 – south of Hwy 22
  • Hwy 40 to Smith Dorian
  • Hwy 549 west
  • Hwy 66 – south west of Bragg Creek (bridge falling into river)
  • Bridge file 72292 – local bridge over Elbow River just past Bragg Creek Village – going to west Bragg Creek – abutments washing out
  • Hwy 547 – south of Gleichen (between 901 and 24 at Arrowwood)


  • Crowfoot Ferry – a dozer is attached to the ferry and is moving it as the water rises
  • Hwy 22 at Hwy 8 traffic circle badly flooded – not closed , water is receding
  • Hwy 2A at campground / bridge in High River – much of town is being evacuated
  • Highway 22 Highway 8 to Highway 1 – one lane only is open to alternating traffic

Road Closures Lethbridge Area

  • Hwy 774 has a grader mobilized to clean debris(stumps, trees, dirt, rocks off the road surface that has washed onto it, Hwy still passable)
  • Oldman Dam is releasing water, the Oldman river level is increasing and will continue monitoring.
  • Hwy 520 closed 9 km west of Claresholm due to water on highway
  • Hwy 2 southbound lanes .5 km north of Hwy 3 Junction closed, Southbound traffic being detoured on Hwy 519 for now. Northbound lanes have been cleared of debris and are open Hwy 24 from Hwy 547 to Hwy 1
  • Hwy 811 closed .5 km south of F/M

Working On:

  • Access to Exshaw – a culvert has been brought in but due to rising waters we are unable to install it.  We will continue to monitor the situation and will send updates as the situation changes.