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How Calgary is recognizing Black History Month


Every February, cities and communities across Canada recognize Black History Month. One way Calgary is celebrating is through music, dance and spoken word.

“I love to use Black History Month celebrations as a way to celebrate our similarities and lighten our differences,” said Calgary poet laureate Wakefield Brewster.

This weekend, Brewster is curating the second installment of the TD Amplify series. The event features performances by a wide spectrum of artists, aiming to create a live show that’s vivid, fresh and celebrates Black history – as well as Black futures.

"Anyone who can see a difference in another human being can easily focus on that difference which is typically what we see a lot of human beings doing. I love to use Black History Month celebrations as a way to celebrate our similarities and lighten our differences." said Brewster.

Elsewhere, others are celebrating in a different way, pen to paper. Local author Yewande Daniel-Ayoade will soon be releasing her fifth children’s book, The Little Regent.

Born in Nigeria, Daniel-Ayoade immigrated to the U.S. in 2003 before moving to Canada in 2010. As a mother of five, her writing focuses on introducing children to West African culture and history, drawing heavily on her immigrant experience.

“I've heard books described as windows as well as mirrors,” she said. “The mirrors in the sense that you see yourself in them and it gives you a sense that you are important and you matter.

“They also serve as windows,” she added, “so other kids can learn about cultures that are different than theirs.”

 The Little Regent  tells the story of a little girl tasked with ruling her West African village and what it means to break free of tradition and rule with your heart.

"It's an opportunity to reflect and also carve a path it's not about what happened in the past, it's about what we can learn from what happened in the past and ways to celebrate, learn and observe going forward,” said the Calgary Library’s Steven Dohlman.  

For a full list of Black History events taking place at the Calgary Public Library, go to their website. Top Stories

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