CALGARY -- As Alberta's vaccine effort ramps up during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, CTV News Calgary explores what you need to know regarding the province's multi-phased approach to vaccinating Albertans.

Who can get vaccinated right now?

Phase 3  is now in effect.

  • Every Albertan born in 1991 or earlier (turning 30+) was eligible to book an appointment as of May 6.
  • Every Albertan born in 2009 or earlier (12+ as well as turning 12 this year) became eligible as of May 10.

How to book

Phase 2 went into effect on March 10.

Phase 2 – Group D – Started April 30 and May 4

  • Albertans born 1957 to 1971 (turning 50 to 64).
  • First Nations, Métis and Inuit (FNMI) persons born 1972 to 1986 (turning 35 to 49), no matter where they live.
  • Starting May 4, residents of Banff and RM of Wood Buffalo ages 18+

Phase 2 –Group C – Started April 12 and May 4

Eligible Albertans in this phase include: (Full list of eligible healthcare workers)

  • Shelter staff and residents
  • Correctional facility staff and inmates
  • Physicians, nurses, pharmacists, dentists and all other health care professionals and their office or support staff who provide in-person, direct patient care
  • Individuals working in patient care facilities or providing services directly to clients in the community for Alberta Health Services, Covenant Health, Alberta Precision Labs, DynaLife, and students undertaking placement practicums in clinical areas
  • Healthcare workers on First Nation reserves and Metis Settlements
  • Workers at meatpacking plants – abattoirs for chicken, pork and beef only.
  • Residents and support staff at eligible congregate living settings and workplaces at risk for large outbreaks: front-line policing and provincial sheriffs, front-line disability services workers that support clients in a variety of services and living arrangements, mental health and other types of licensed supportive living
  • Firefighters and front-line policing and provincial sheriffs who interact with residents at shelters, correctional facilities and remand centres
  • Canadian Border Security Agency staff
  • Starting May 4, teachers, support staff and child care workers

Caregivers of Albertans who are most at risk of severe outcomes are also included in Group C:

  • Up to 4 designated family/support people of those individuals in long term care, designated supportive living and licensed supportive living facilities
  • Household contacts age 16 and over and caregivers for children 11 and under (born in 2010 or later) who have an eligible chronic condition in Phase 2B but are unable to receive the vaccine due to age
  • Household contacts age 16 and over of eligible profoundly immunocompromised Albertans

Eligible Albertans can book by:

Confirming Eligibility for Group C

Eligible workers, as well as designated family/support persons must have: 

  • Personal ID that shows birthdate (Driver's Licence or Alberta Health Care Card); and
  • Proof of employment or professional registration
  • For staff of congregate facilities and other eligible workers, proof of employment (such as a letter from their employer)
  • For designated family support persons, a letter from the congregate living facility (for example, group home, speciality schools, etc.) is required
  • An honour system approach will be used for household contacts of children 11 and under with eligible health conditions in Phase 2B
  • An honour system will be used for household contacts of profoundly immunocompromised individuals

Health care staff who work in community practices will be notified of their eligibility through their employer, regulatory college or professional association.

Meatpacking plant workers will be offered the vaccine at on-site clinics provincewide. Workers who do not receive the vaccine at the plant will receive a letter to present at an AHS immunization clinic or participating pharmacy.

Phase 2 - AstraZeneca - Started April 6 and May 4

  • Albertans ages 40+ (born 1981 or earlier).
    (Those with serious chronic health conditions may want to consult their doctor)
  • Eligible Albertans in this phase can choose to wait to receive a Pfizer or Moderna vaccine to be available to them when Phase 2D opens in May.
  • Starting May 4, residents of Banff and RM of Wood Buffalo ages 18+

AstraZeneca bookings can be made at:

Phase 2 - Group B - Ages 12 to 15 - Started April 27

Confirming Eligibility for Ages 12 to 15 (or born between 2006 and 2009)

Youth aged 12 to 15 must have:

  • Proof of identity with a birthdate
  • A signed letter from a licensed physician
  • Verbal consent of a parent or guardian present. If a parent or guardian is not present, the youth must have a printed and signed letter of consent from a parent or guardian.

Phase 2 - Group B - Ages 16 to 64 - Started March 30

  • Albertans born 2005 to 1957 (16 to 64) with eligible high-risk underlying health conditions.
  • First Nations, Metis or Inuit (FNMI) people born in 1981 or earlier
  • Bookings will be open by birth year and additional years will be added as more vaccines arrive.
  • Born 2005 or earlier can book through participating pharmacies in Calgary, Edmonton and Red Deer (more pharmacies will be added in coming weeks)
  • Born 2005 or earlier can book through AHS (online and 811)

Confirming Eligibility for Ages 16+ (or born 2005 and earlier)

  • A doctor’s note is not required for individuals 16 years of age or older to get the vaccine. However, you may want to talk to your doctor or pharmacist to help you understand if your condition is on this list.

Second doses - Some profoundly immunocompromised Albertans may be eligible to receive their second dose early. Review the eligible conditions under Follow up: Second dose and call 811 for an assessment.

Phase 2 - Group A - Ages 65 to 74 - Started March 15

  • Albertans between the ages of 65 and 74
  • First Nations, Inuit or Metis Albertans between the ages of 50 and 64
  • Staff and residents of licensed supportive living (seniors) facilities who were not included in Phase 1

Who is eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine through a pharmacy?

Starting March 30, 2021, participating pharmacies will begin immunizing Albertans who are part of Phase 2B. Albertans who are part of Phase 1B and Phase 2A will remain eligible to receive immunization at pharmacies.

Phase 1B arrived in February and included:

The 'early phase' was followed by the launch of Phase 1 in January, which saw the list of eligible Albertans expand to include:

  • Health-care workers in emergency departments
  • Health-care workers in COVID-19 units, medical and surgical units, and operating rooms
  • Paramedics and emergency medical responders
  • Home care workers
  • All residents of long term care and designated supporting living facilities

Alberta began its preliminary phase of vaccinations in December 2020 with a focus on:

  • Health-care workers in intensive care units
  • Respiratory therapists

Who is next in line?

The remainder of Phase 2.

Phase 2 - The rest of Group C

  • Residents and support staff at eligible congregate living and work settings at risk for large outbreaks, including: correctional facilities, front-line policing and provinbcial sheriffs, homeless shelters, meat packing plants and licensed supportive living group homes (ie. disability or mental health)
  • Health-care workers providing direct and acute patient care who have a high potential for spread to high-risk individuals
  • Caregivers of Alberta who are most at risk of severe outcomes

Phase 2 - Group D

  • Albertans between the ages of 50 and 64
  • First Nations, Inuit or Metis Albertans between the ages of 35 and 49

How will I find out when I can receive the vaccine?

The Government of Alberta has created a vaccination eligibility notification system that is available here.

Where do I sign up?

Vaccination appointments for eligible Albertans may be booked online at Government of Alberta - COVID-19 Vaccine or by calling Health Link (811)

For AstraZeneca vaccine appointments in Phase 2, eligible recipients will be able to book through AHS online at the link above and 811. Indigenous recipients are required to call 811 to book.. 

For members of Phase 2 -Group A who are looking to book Pfizer and Moderna appointments, bookings may be made starting March 15 at participating pharmacies, regardless of birth year. To make an appointment through AHS that day, either online or 811, bookings will open by birth year, one year at a time: Albertans born in 1947 or Indigenous people born in 1962 will be eligible to book on March 15. 

Albertans can book an appointment on behalf of someone else.

Vaccine appointments cannot be made by contacting clinics or hospitals. 

What do I need to know before registering?

Eligible recipients who are immunocompromised, have auto-immune disorders, are pregnant or are breastfeeding should a consult a doctor before being vaccinated.

People who have severe alergies to any of the vaccine ingredients should not receive the vaccine. A list of the ingredients is available at Alberta Health Services -COVID-19 Vaccine FAQ .

What should I bring to my appointment?

You are required to bring government-issued identification and your Alberta Health Care number.

When do I get my second dose?

Your second dose will be administered no later than four months after the date of your initial dose. Booking for second doses will begin when supply allows. AHS or your pharmacy will contact you as your eligibility date for your second dose nears.

On June 1, the province outlined the following second dose schedules:

mRNA (Pfizer/Moderna)

  • Those who received their first vaccine in March or earlier may book their second dose appointment now
  • Those who received their first vaccine in April may book their second dose appointment starting June 14
  • Those who received their first vaccine in May may book their second dose appointment starting June 28


  • Those who received their first vaccine in March or earlier may book their second dose appointment now
  • Those who received their first vaccine in April or laterr  may book their second dose eight weeks after their initial shot


Who do I contact if I have questions?

Contact Health Link (811) or visit Alberta Health Services - COVID-19 vaccine program for more details.