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'I really want snow!': Not everyone pleased with warm November weather


It's a sunny November morning and Dana Vos is teeing off at the city-owned Shaganappi Point golf course in southwest Calgary.

"Usually, at this time of year, you have to go to Mexico or Hawaii to get a round of golf," Vos said.

"How lucky are we that we can do this here? And for a reasonable price, too!"

The City of Calgary opened temporary greens at Shaganappi Point, allowing players to take a swing on either of the two nine-hole courses or to play all 18 holes at Maple Ridge from Nov. 10 to 13.

Green fees for the unseasonal tee times: $25 for Maple Ridge and $15 for either of the nine-hole courses at Shaganappi.

"Can't complain. No snow on the ground. There's still green grass. It's pretty decent," golfer Bryan Dean said.

"I've never golfed in November (in Calgary). I've golfed in February and in January. (So) I called my buddies and said, 'Book a tee time, boys. Let's play. Let's play some golf!'"

But not everyone loves the warm weather.

"I really want snow!" said Linda McLaughlin, vice-president of the Shaganappi Nordic Operations Club (SNO).

"I'd rather be grooming the ski trails for the public and grooming the fat-bike trails for the fat-bikers, and snowshoers."

McLaughlin's team has already been on the course, staking out the paths for skiers, but had to put preparations on hold as golfers returned to the fairways.

"Normally, we are out here setting up and roping off hazards, roping off fragile areas. Right at the end of October, beginning of November," McLaughlin said.

"Last year, this time of year, we were open for skiing and fat-biking. A couple years before that, we had snow in October again where people were wanting to ski."

Golfers hitting the course don't have a lot of sympathy for the skiers waiting to use the course -- they're hoping to milk every minute out of the warm November weather.

 "A friend that invited us and I had to double take, and then he sent me the link, saying, 'Yeah, they're open for tee times.' So I said, 'Let's get our wives out and let's go!'" Kevin Vos said.

"The weather, it's like, it's gorgeous. I think we're going to go swimming right after this."

The city is evaluating the forecast for next weekend and expects to announce Tuesday afternoon whether the courses will reopen again for golfers Thursday through Sunday. Top Stories

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