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Iranian international students rally at University of Calgary against Islamic regime


Graduate and post-graduate University of Calgary students originally from Iran say they refuse to be silent as ongoing protests in the Middle Eastern country stretch into their third month.

They say the authoritarian Islamic regime that governs Iran has been carrying out atrocities against protesters there, killing many women, teens and children.

Protesters tell CTV News they fear for their families.

"I just know they are alive, but every minute, I know they are in the streets and they can be shot by the regime," said Narges Mohammad Mehdipour.

In mid-September, 22-year-old Mahsa Amini died after being arrested by Iran's morality police over hijab head scarf rules imposed on Iranian women.

There have been widespread protests since then and clashes with government-supporting agencies.

Mohammad Mehdipour says her sister, who is still in Iran, is the same age as Amini.

"I cannot say to my younger sister not to go to the street, because if I were in Iran, I would go to the street," she said.


According to recent estimates by the Human Rights Activists News Agency, 381 protesters have been killed, 57 of them children.

An estimated 16,000 people have been arrested.

"We are gathering here to be the voice of the people that have been killed over the past 60 days by the government," said Setareh Momayoollia, one of the rally organizers.

"Most of them were children. Because of that, we gather here to say that we want freedom and justice for these kids."

Momayoollia added, "The only solution that we have in our country is revolution."

Although this recent movement is considered to be motivated by the advancement of women's rights, some students say they are calling for a multitude of changes from Iranian leadership.

"What is happening in Iran is a fight for values that are universal," said Ako Bahari, another rally organizer.

He says fellow U of C International students will continue to use their voice here in hopes to raise awareness locally for the public consciousness.

Bahari also says UNICEF has been silent about the situation in Iran, and they hope this protest sends a message.

World Children's Day is Sunday, Nov. 20.

The next rally for Iran will be held at city hall on Saturday afternoon. Top Stories

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