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Joseph Schow, UCP incumbent in Cardston-Siksika, faces four other candidates

UCP candidate and incumbent Joseph Schow UCP candidate and incumbent Joseph Schow
VULCAN, Alta. -

The Cardston-Siksika riding has only been contested one time since its creation in 2019.

That makes UCP candidate and incumbent, Joseph Schow, the only MLA the riding has known.

And he's eager to keep it that way.

"Should I be re-elected, I'm going to stay the course. We're going to keep working hard to make sure this is a very competitive jurisdiction for businesses to come to and start businesses or continue to be in business," Schow said.

Four other candidates are also running in the riding.

NDP candidate Colleen Quintal's top priority is health care and said in a statement, “Considering the biggest issues I've been hearing over the last few months, I'd work with the Alberta NDP to make sure that when you need a doctor, you'll get one.”

Alberta Independence Party candidate Terry Wolsey wants to see a smaller government.

"There is an alternative. There's direct democracy, which is decentralizing these large governments both federal and provincial. And bringing it back to the community so that they're involved," he said.

Cardston-Siksika also has a brand-new party in the running, the Solidarity Movement of Alberta, which was formed only 13 days ago.

Par Wantenaar will be among the party's inaugural candidates.

"The main priorities for the solidarity movement are freedom of speech, which is being under attack. We also want to reduce taxes, get rid of the carbon tax altogether," Wantenaar said.

Independent candidate Angela Tabak rounds out the field and hopes to provide an alternative to voters disillusioned with the parties.

"We need a strong voice in opposition. Obviously, as an independent candidate, if I get elected, I won't be part of government. But I can be a part of opposition that has a strong voice. Right now, we don't have a strong opposition in Alberta," Tabak said.

The Alberta general election is May 29. Top Stories

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