The two men who were originally convicted of the first-degree murder of businessman Jack Beauchamp have been found guilty of lesser charges in a second trial.

Mohamed Karim and Robert Deer were both accused in the homicide of the Morbank Financial president back in 2006.

Karim admitted that he went to the Morbank Financial offices on January 16, bringing a loaded 22 calibre weapon with him.

He said he only wanted to scare Beauchamp in order to get Morbank to back off in a business dispute with his associate Robert Deer.

During the trial the prosecution claimed that the shooting was a murder-for-hire.

Karim and Deer were both originally convicted of first-degree murder but were granted a new trial by the Alberta Court of Appeal.

Queen’s Bench Justice Beth Hughes delivered her verdict in the second trial on Friday afternoon and found Karim guilty of second-degree murder and Deer guilty of manslaughter.

There is no word yet on when the men will be sentenced.