CALGARY -- A new poll released Monday from ThinkHQ suggests concerns about the COVID-19 pandemic have fallen sharply over the last two months, while credit for politicians has taken a slight dip. 

In a survey of 1,204 Albertans from June 17-20, results suggested the number who say they are “very concerned” about COVID-19 has dropped 23 percentage points to 35 per cent. 

Meanwhile, the provincial economy remains as the most prominent issue with 70 per cent stating they are “very concerned” — a drop of seven per cent over the last two months. 

Substantial concern for unemployment in Alberta has dropped 11 per cent (68%), while concerns over government trust has increased by five points (58%). 

Provincial leadership performance 

The poll adds that concern for COVID may be down among Albertans but regard for how the province manages the crises has remained solid. Nearly three quarters (74%) said they approve of the Kenney government’s management of the pandemic. 

Premier Jason Kenney’s approval rating, however, has taken a slight dip into negative territory with 48 per cent offering positive ratings and 50 per cent giving negative reviews. This represents a slight, but noticeable drop over the last two months as Kenney previously saw his personal approval jump seven percentage points between February and April. 

Marc Henry, president of ThinkHQ Public Affairs, says support for leaders usually increases in the midst of a crisis. 

“It’s an interesting phenomenon,” he said. 

“He (Kenney) is still getting majority support when it comes to managing COVID, but his personal popularity has slipped down into slightly negative territory. It’s not territory he’s unfamiliar with. Indeed, but for a six month “honeymoon” post-election and the last two months, Kenney’s popularity has fluctuated in a fairly narrow band just slightly below where he is today since he became leader of the UCP."

As for Opposition Leader Rachel Notley, her ratings have inches up slightly. Currently, 49 per cent disapprove of her performance, while 46 per cent offered approval. Notley tends to struggle in smaller communities across the province, but her approval in Edmonton is highest at 61 per cent. 

Notley also has stronger approval among women than men and her strongest support amongst the under 35 age demographic.

Read the ThinkHQ poll results below: