The Calgary couple who won the February 15 LOTTO MAX $30M jackpot came forward at a press conference on Friday afternoon.

Lottery officials have been keeping their identity quiet for the past week, but all was revealed at a press conference at the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission office in northeast Calgary.

Darrel and Laurie Szczerba claimed their prize and have quit thier jobs now that they can take it easy.

Darrel was on his way for a new tattoo when he decided to stop in at the Petro-Canada station in Marda Loop on Saturday to check his ticket.

He was amazed that he won and rushed home to tell his wife, Laurie.

"It was crazy. Just couldn't believe it," said Darrel. "I was waiting to get a tattoo and had about half an hour to kill so I went to get a cold drink and I thought well I'll check my tickets. I didn't get the cold drink."

"I was out shopping, actually getting my nails done, and I stopped to get some groceries and I came in and he told me at home. He was already at home and when I walked in he told me that he had won the 30 million and that we could finally move if we wanted," said Laurie.

Darrel was a carpenter foreman and Laurie worked as a legal assistant.

Darrel says he has been waiting for this moment for a long time."Forever, since 649 started."

Darrel and Laurie say they are planning on taking a vacation, buying a better house and a new vehicle.

Darrel says the ticket was a quick-pick and that he has only bought tickets at the store a couple of times.