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'Marda Lake' prompts colourful southwest Calgary protest


Signs and floating pool toys caused quite the stir near a massive puddle that accumulated in Marda Loop this month.

The problem area — near 35 Ave. and 20 St. S.W. — stretched along the road and completely submerged a sidewalk. A frozen, clogged drain likely caused it.

Similar winter thaw is a common problem in Calgary, but many in the neighbourhood say they reached a breaking point with the mess this year.

One resident was especially upset after his wife fell.

"She was on her back and had to crawl out of the water and then make it home in freezing cold," Jamie Ruff told CTV News. "It's disgusting."

And so, Marda Lake was born.

Ruff made signs reading "No ferry today," and "Marda Lake: cross at your own risk," to put up nearby.

He also tossed a couple of pool toys into the icy water.

A pool toy floats in 'Marda Lake' in southwest Calgary (CTV News Calgary).

"This will hopefully do two things: people won't walk around into incoming traffic and not fall into the water. And second: the city might get up and take a look at it."

Ruff says he inquired multiple times with the city "and didn't get anywhere."

CTV News also reached out and tried to contact area councillor Courtney Walcott.

Neither answered multiple requests for comment, but the puddle was drained around 3:30 p.m. Saturday.

It took roughly 10 minutes to drain.

The entire ordeal didn't let Ruff lose his sense of humour.

"I might even make these an official sign," he said. "I could get a bathing suit next year and we can have a polar bear dip." Top Stories

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