The Alert Ready system was tested across the country on Wednesday and was successful in several provinces and territories, where mobile phones, televisions and radios broadcast the nationwide drill.

The alert was scheduled to show up on TV, radio and mobile devices, connected to LTE wireless networks, in Alberta at 1:55 MST.

The system is designed to get critical information out to the community as quickly as possible so people can take action to stay safe.

The alert was tested the first time in May and didn’t sound in Quebec because of a coding error and some other provinces reported that many wireless subscribers didn’t receive the signals.

“The previous test was about six months ago and resulted in about a 50 percent notification rate. We’re looking for an increased number of people notified this time,” said Tom Sampson, Chief of the Calgary Emergency Management Agency. “What we’re hoping is that the public understands that it’s simply a test, please don’t panic. We’ve had one test before of the system, we’re having a second test now, we’re looking for some improvements in terms of what’s going on.”

Sampson says the test is important for the public and emergency responders.

“We think this test is fundamental to the safety of Calgarians. It’s about providing emergency information when you need it most. We won’t use this system lightly. It will be reserved for those real crisis moments when we need to get out, quickly, as much information as possible, to Calgarians, Albertans, Canadians, about a specific emergency.”

He says the Alert Ready system will be another tool in their toolbox and it will be utilized in conjunction with Alberta Emergency Alert, social media and the City of Calgary website in the event of a crisis.

For more information on Emergency alerts and notifications in the Calgary area, click HERE.

(With files from The Canadian Press)