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New exhibit at The Military Museums explores military contributions of Alberta immigrants

A new exhibition that is set to open this weekend at The Military Museums in Calgary celebrates the resiliency of military immigrants.

The 'A Uniform Coat of Many Colours: Military Immigrants in Alberta' exhibit explores and presents diverse stories of immigrants to Alberta who have undertaken military service in their original countries.

One of those, Ian Fred Causer, was born in the United Kingdom and served in the Royal Air Force. He says he was extremely proud to share his story about the day his RAF fighter was mistakenly shot down by another RAF fighter over Germany.

"I think people should come here and take away the fact that there's a lot of military history in Calgary," said Causer. "And, rightly enough, the Calgarians should be proud of not only their own military, but also immigrant military that have come to live in this great, great country."

The exhibit, which will be on display from June 11 through Sept. 11 in the University of Calgary's Founders' Gallery at The Military Museums, features the contributions of Albertans who served with one of more than 20 different countries around the globe.