Northeast Calgary has its first official skateboard park, and the reviews are glowing.

The park, located at the front of the Genesis Centre, on Falconridge Blvd NE in Martindale, is the latest destination where Calgary  skateboard enthusiasts can carve their tricks and learn new ones.

The park, which was built by New Line Skateparks,  features a big bowl with rails and ramps.

Early users of the park say the design is really well done.

 “It’s really really beautiful,”said Anthony Stefan.  “It’s something the northeast has been needing for a long time.”

Anthony Stefan

Stefan said that there's been a DIY park in Marlborough for about 10 years, but the Genesis Centre skatepark takes the experience to another level.

“All the obstacles are really well placed,” he added.  “It’s a little bit different than all the other layouts of the skateparks, so it’s cool.”

The park is one of three new ones being built by the city, with the other two at Queen Elizabeth Park in Bowness and another at the Rocky Ridge YMCA in northwest Calgary.

The official grand opening for the Genesis Centre skatepark is September 7, but as far as Stefan is concerned, .the city can take a bow now.

"They really nailed it," he said.