The proposed path of the Green Line LRT through the Beltline has some owners voicing their concerns over the potential impact on a 107-year-old building.

The tracks would be housed in a tunnel directly below Lewis Lofts, a building in the 200 block of 11 Avenue Southwest that was constructed in 1910 and converted into condominiums in 1995. The ground beneath the building is an old river bed consisting of sand and gravel that could prove troublesome during the tunneling effort.

“This is the first bored transit tunnel in Calgary's history and it's the first residential building in Calgary's history that will have an active train tunnel right beneath it,” said Brett Jackson, a member of the Lewis Lofts condo board. “Lewis Lofts is one of the oldest buildings in Calgary so we do feel there's unknowns and risks associated with this that probably deserve attention before the decision is made on the alignment not after.”

Nuno Silvo, a Lewis Lofts condo owner, fears the construction below could jeopardize the integrity of the century-old building and he's looking for reassurance.

“I trust the professionals but I'll also trust them to give some answers right now which is not happening,” said Silvo. “They're saying it's going to be fine but, given the history of events that have affected our building. I would like to have more than that. As a home owner, I would like to have more than that.”

Ward 8 councillor Evan Woolley says city officials are currently working with tunneling experts to ensure Lewis Lofts would not be compromised. “Administration is keenly aware of this and there will be a ton of partnership and conversations moving forward.”

The proposed Green Line LRT route will be discussed in council on Monday.

With files from CTV’s Kevin Fleming