Calgary Police say they've arrested a man from a Parkdale home on outstanding warrants from Quebec, and they are not anticipating additional criminal charges against Andreas Pirelli at this point. A second person was arrested outside of the duplex Friday evening.

Pirelli, also known as Mario Antonacci in Quebec, was arrested by police early Friday morning.

He was arrested on as many as nine outstanding warrants issued by courts in Quebec and according to Calgary Police, he’ll stay in custody for at least six days before he is transported to that province.

District 2 inspector Terry Larson says that the warrants, initially made in Montreal, were extended to Canada-wide warrants.

Larson says that the CPS arrested him on those warrants and there are no other criminal charges pending at this point. "If anything comes to light, we'll investigate it, and if there are grounds for it, we would lay those charges."

Following Pirelli's arrest, several unidentified people remained within the Parkdale duplex.

Pirelli has seen a Justice of the Peace and will be held at the Calgary Remand Centre until plans are worked out to transport him to Quebec.

A Sylvan Lake woman says she rented Pirelli the home in 2011 and shortly afterwards she says he declared the home an embassy and refused to leave.

Rebekha Caverhill says he paid her a reduced rent and refused to pay utilities.

Police say they’ve been closely monitoring the situation, checking on the home in Parkdale several times a day.

On Thursday night, two plain clothes officers arrived at the duplex to speak with Pirelli.

They knocked for several minutes before another man eventually came to the door.

Police handed over some documents and eventually Pirelli appeared and spoke with police for about 30 minutes, but stayed inside the home.

Larson says the officers were informing the residents about several threats that were leveled against Pirelli. "In the interest of the preservation of peace, we informed the people of that house."

Pirelli is also facing charges under the Fair Trading Act.

Service Alberta is accusing him of going door-to-door as a unlicenced pre-paid contractor, taking money for work he hadn’t done yet.

He is set to appear on those charges in November.

Earlier this week, a Court of Queen's Bench judge ordered Pirelli out of the duplex.

Larson says that police have nothing to do with the court order. "Our dealings are with the criminal warrants and that's been done at this point. Any further dealings at that residence - we'll assist other agencies as we have been throughout this entire investigation."

He adds that there was no paperwork between Caverhill and Pirelli. "At this point, there was a civil agreement between the renter and the landlady. When there is no paperwork, it causes a significant issue for the authorities to work with."

Rebekha Caverhill spoke to CTV News on Friday and says she is grateful for those who have helped her to deal with the incident.

“I was praying that something would break here. I was praying for the officers that they would be safe. I was praying that the media would be safe. That was my prime concern and also my tenants on the other side because I will protect them all,” said Caverhill.

Caverhill says her next step is to get in and assess the property.

“I have to get in to assess the damage. From that point I don’t know because as I said this is going to be a very expensive thing for me and I don’t have money to do what I have to do,” said Caverhill. “I don’t think that any landlord could even think of knowing that this would happen to them, that’s why people have to get educated.”

A CTV News reporter knocked on the door on Friday after Pirelli’s arrest. Someone opened a window next to the door and when asked if they were going to leave by midnight tonight said “As the signatory chief of this land right now, no. I have nowhere to go right now. I have hired these people to do my political work for some paperwork for our nation,” said the man.

Our reporter said “but it’s not your house” and the man replied “Well right now they have it in court and everything and we’re going to pay the person, whoever, damages that was owed on it, it’ll all be paid out of the trust monies that is coming to the people,” said the man.

When asked again if he would leave by midnight, the man at the window then said “I don’t believe so" and he then shut the window.

An eviction order on the door has Antonacci's name on it and states that all the occupants must be out of the residence by 12:01 a.m. Saturday.

The remaining  occupants of the home began the process of vacating the premises just after 6:00 p.m. Friday. Six people exited the home, transporting items into a minivan.

Upon exiting the home, one member of the group, 40-year-old Michael Shane Hunt of Calgary, was apprehended by CPS officers.

Hunt was arrested on several unrelated warrants including impersonating a police officer, five Traffic Safety Act warrants, and obstruction.