A program is recruiting healthy Calgary kids to be part of a control group, to explore the causes, treatments, and outcomes of virtually all pediatric diseases.

It’s called HICCUP, the Healthy Infants and Children Research Program.

Children will be used as control subjects or in studies looking for treatments for a wide variety of diseases and the information doctors learn could be crucial to finding treatments for a wide variety of childhood ailments.

Dr. Adam Kirton, a Paediatric neurologist says understanding why some kids are healthy and others are not, is important.

Kirton says the main goal of HICCUP is to build a large population of normal families who are interested in helping with research.

If you sign up, you can still pick and choose what kind of studies you want to participate in.

They can range from simple online questionnaires all the way up to having cat scans and MRIs.

For more information on HICCUP, click HERE.