City council is looking over the latest budget and has made some significant changes to transit passes for seniors and low income riders.

The city has voted to increase the cost of an annual senior’s transit pass from $55 to $95 per year in 2013.

Councillors also decided to adjust the requirements so more low income Calgarians will be eligible for subsidized bus and CTrain trips.

Council members say that it is unfair that moderate and high income seniors pay much less for transit than Calgarians who are struggling to make ends meet.

The city says the goal is to ensure 100 percent of Calgarians living below the poverty line qualify for the subsidy.

An estimated 22,000 more people will now qualify for the low income subsidy but even with these changes there are still about 12 percent who won't qualify.

Mayor Nenshi says the seniors he's talked to seem to understand the need for the changes.

“When we doubled the price of the senior's pass last year did we get any complaints? And how many people stopped buying it? And I think the answer is no and none,” said Mayor Nenshi.

Mayor Nenshi says even with the increase seniors will have among the lowest priced passes in the country.