Police are working to curb drug activity in a concentrated area of the city’s southwest and have arrested six people in an investigation aimed at street-level drug trafficking.

The investigation was initiated on March 6th in response to an increase in drug activity, assaults and trespassing near Westbrook.

Six people are facing 14 charges including; possession of proceeds of crime, trafficking methamphetamine and possession of methamphetamine.

The following people have been charged in the two-day investigation:

  • Darcy Lightfoot, 38
  • Robert Danails, 38
  • Tyleena Brittany Dixon, 23
  • Alexander Scott Wager, 30
  • Jasper Leif Dixon, 37
  • Vanessa Ida Bearhat, 47

Police say they are working with businesses, social agencies and other city partners to crack down on drug activity in the community.