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Stamps' Dickenson putting in extra time heading into free agency


When Dave Dickenson took over as general manager of the Calgary Stampeders from John Hufnagel, one of his first orders of business was getting ready for CFL free agency.

The free agency period opens up at 10 a.m. (MST) on Feb. 14 and Dickenson admits he's had a lot more to do this off-season.

"I mean, I haven't probably put in this many hours in January and February but it's been fun and I think our group is coming together,” Dickenson said.

“We still have some pieces that we need to still sign but I like where we're at and we'll see what we get."


The Stamps have always believed in taking care of their own.

To date, 12 have agreed to terms to come back to the Stamps.

But 12 more remain on the board and the biggest name on that list is linebacker Jameer Thurman.

Dickenson says he has been in touch with Thurman's agent.

"I do believe that we're still working. Thurman is a good pro – a great player who has helped us through the years," Dickenson said.

"I do think ultimately a guy that's one of the better ones in the league. Great man. We'll see how it turns out."


The reality is, the Stamps only have so much money to play with, so they won't be able to sign all of their upcoming free agents.

Dickenson knows he's going to lose some good veteran players.

"You know, we've certainly had some contracts out for our present players. We also told some of the guys, ‘We really can't give you what we think you deserve,’" Dickenson said.

"It doesn't fit our structure, so go to free agency and see what's out there. If you get a great deal, go for it. If it's something you don't like or you don't want, circle back to us and see if it can fit for our team."


Whatever happens between now and next Tuesday, Dickenson says one way or another the Stamps will have a plan when free agency opens up.

"As far as how loud we are on opening day, it's going to be, ‘How are these guys that we've offered contract to and are they going to accept them?’ If they don't accept them, then we've got to find some players," Dickenson said. Top Stories

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