CALGARY -- While the provincial government has already told Alberta families to expect to end the 2019-20 school year online, plans are in the works to establish what in-person schooling would look like, whenever that happens.

The Alberta School Council Assocation (ASCA) has released a survey for all parents asking a number of questions about what sort of concerns they have about a possible return to classes, what areas they want officials to pay particular attention to and how they might want classrooms to look like post-COVID-19.

"ASCA needs to hear from parents on member school councils in regard to school re-entry planning, elements for consideration and/or areas of concern in local school communities," the survey reads.

Some of the survey questions include health protocols in place for students, the possible requirement for students to wear personal protective equipment as well as any concerns or issues parents have experienced with the online learning format.

"Our survey is an opportunity for parents to provide input on what is important to them. ASCA collects the data in order to capture and relay what they have to say," said Jolaine Kochisarli, ASCA communications director, in an email to CTV News.

The ASCA will be collecting feedback through the survey until May 14. Over 12,000 responses have been recieved so far.

Alberta's Education Minister Adriana LaGrange told the media Wednesday that the government is planning for three options in the coming year.

Those include schools being open for regular classes, schools to be open but with certain health restrictions in place and for the current teacher-directed at-home learning to continue.

She added teachers would be able to deliver services for students no matter what option is chosen.

Alberta Education says it is in the process of consulting with education partners, including parents, to develop a re-entry plan for the 2020-21 school year.

(With files from CTV Edmonton)