Notification letters have been sent to 150 individuals after parents and children were potentially exposed to a confirmed case of tuberculosis at a Calgary-area daycare.  

“Notification letters include information on arrangements for standard TB assessment, screening and treatment, if required,” says a release from Alberta Health Services.

Only those who receive letters were potentially exposed.

“Risk of transmission to these individuals is low, and the case does not present an ongoing risk at the daycare or to the general public,” reads the warning.

“AHS is only informing the public as a matter of transparency.”

The exposure happened at BrightPath McKenzie Towne in southeast Calgary.

In a statement, CEO Mary Ann Curran said the company is working with AHS and have identified a number of staff and children who will need to be screened.

"Those involved have been notified this morning regarding the upcoming schedule and place for this to occur," it read in part.

"The health and safety of the children we care for, and the staff we employ, is our utmost priority at BrightPath."

General information on tuberculosis can be found here and anyone with questions can call Health Link at 811.

(With files from Kathy Le)